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Patient's Voice

Rishi Basu

I am not a resident of Hiranandani Estate yet this has been my go-to hospital for the last 11 years. Dr. Sundar Krishnan is the best there is. Excellent clinical eye, very professional and empathetic. He is the one I consult all the time. Have been an in-patient of this hospital multiple times as well and will rate the services highly too


Me and My wife have recovered from Covid 19 under the supervision of Dr. Sunder Krishnan of Hirananhani Hospital Thane, We both are extremely thankful to you and have no words to express our sincere gratitude to you!

We all use to heard from childhood that doctors are form of God & You had proved it genuinely and we saw our God in you ! We both were totally hopeless and was under dilemma when our report came +ve due to Covid infection but you made it possible to come out of this deadly pandemic virus! And we are a healthy family now again!

Similarly millions of other Doctors and supporting Health staff is delivering the same everywhere in this Pandemic!
Thanks to all of them!

Many Thanks to you from bottom of our hearts!